Music City Pussy: Hot Lesbian Pussy!

Music City Pussy: Hot Lesbian Pussy!

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I was warm, randy and lurking for pussy as I entered a dark little bar on some Pike in Nashville. What the hell is a Pike, anyway? I required some extreme pussy on pussy action and heard this was the place in Nashville for pussy. What much better location to begin my “pussy hunt” than at a lesbian bar? I roamed in putting on a super slutty short skirt print outfit with cowboy boots. Did I mention, nothing at all underneath? Just my natural hot lesbian pussy that was officially on the prowl. I intended my pussy to be finger fucked or licked and was going to be prepare at a minute’s notification. My long blondish hair was free flowing and I must confess I was one hot slut, looking for some hot lesbian pussy!

The main bar area was loaded full of females in all type of clothing from simple to extravagant. I rested at the bar and enjoyed an adult beverage while I searched out the best way to fish for “hot lesbian pussy in a barrel!” I made sure to spread my legs giving all who desired to look a peek at the prize to come. . . or is it cum?! Well it don’t take long for a super hot business type woman to come over and greet me. “You look like you have one hot lesbian pussy,” she stated looking in between my legs. “I desire to kiss, lick, suck and fuck that.”

She was elegant and lovely behind all that business-like attire. I swear I had seen her classy ass on a real estate billboard somewhere before. My pussy started to juice as we mutually checked each other out. “I make a living negotiating big deals, she said. I’ll wager you have one hot little lesbian pussy. Would you like to make a deal?” I didn’t make her ask twice! Why don’t you touch it now and find out for yourself?” “She really did not think twice as she slid her hand softly bent my mini skirt. “Oh, my yes, we do have a hot lesbian pussy here.” My new realtor slid a finger in slightly and placed it to her lips where she sucked my sweet nectar off gracefully.

I was so fucking horny and I couldn’t wait much more. I needed to cum and now! She motioned the bartender to come over and refresh our drink and was handed a key to the VIP (Very Important Pussy) bathroom. My realtor lady then led me by the hand and shut the door swiftly once I was barely inside. She quickly rammed two (2) fingers up my cunt, pressing me versus the door. I wheezed with surprise enjoyment and didn’t even get a kiss of foreplay beforehand. My hot lesbian pussy was drenched and I knew I was going to give her what she wanted. . . and I knew I was going to get what I came for!

She finger fucked my pussy with fervor and found my throbbing clit with her thumb. What a dirty little multi-tasker! She then brought me to a mini-climax and slowly withdrew her sopping wet fingers as she could feel my hot pussy throbbing in delight. She then licked her fingers clean making sure she looked me in the eyes while doing so. What a fucking turn on! I asked her well, if you want something really special you better not stop! She want back to attacking my pussy with lesbian like precision. Girls always know how to please another woman. She expertly suck my clitoris and then teased my pussy lips and honey hole while glancing her fingernails over my asshole.

“Fuck me,” I groaned in near orgasm pleasure and pain. I whipped my head back and forth, keens buckling in pure pleasure. “Damn, you have one hot wet pussy,” she mumbled while lapping up my pussy juices.

Is this what you desire?” as she slid two fingers and then curled up to find my G-spot. Yes, fuck me, fuck me harder. I fucked all this rather blonde hair down,” she stated running her fingers via it after allowing me orgasm once again. This time, I knew that I was going to have a full-fledged cum, or should I say squirt?! I had been squirting since I was a teenager and it was always a welcomed surprise to my new hot lesbian pussy lovers.

I almost always “dirty talk” when I’m ready to truly explode and called out “Make me cum, bitch! Fuck it harder, harder!” as I kept hold of her head so that she couldn’t help but, finish the job. She began to mumble something when I shot what might have been the largest quantity of female ejaculation that I had ever witnessed cumming out of my pussy. I held her face forcefully to my pussy as I unloaded wave after wave of pussy juice all over her perfectly made up face. The realtor lady was absolutely drenched and I almost felt sorry for the way her face hair looked after I squirted all over it.

“Holy fuck, what was that?,” she asked already knowing the answer.” You are one excellent fuck, and your pussy taste is to die for!” But, I could just strangle you for messing me up beyond recognition. Never ever had anybody fucked me so hard, so fast and spontaneous, especially in a public place. Fucking in the bathroom was dirty but, it felt so right!

“Now, get out of here while I try and clean myself up. The bartender is probably already trying to fix me up with some other hot lesbian pussy for the evening but, tell her there is no need once you get back. I have found the exact hot lesbian pussy I had looking all over Music City (aka Nashville) for. Besides, I certainly can’t let you spray anyone else like that you hot little squirting bitch!” Look at me,” she smiled.

With that, I cleaned just enough pussy juice off me to still allow a little whiff to anyone else at the bar who wanted a shot at some hot lesbian pussy that night and discreetly exited the bathroom. I had a couple more drinks and then decided I better leave as some “Butch” kept hitting on me. I only like beautiful lesbians, not girls who act like men. If I want dick in my pussy, I can have that any time I want it too!

I never saw the realtor leave after our bathroom fling. However, I can’t wait to find that billboard and call her pretending to want to look at a piece of property to buy. Come to think of it, that makes for a great hot lesbian pussy game to see how many houses the realtor and I can fuck each other in from this point forward. So, who wants to be my next squirting victim?!

MILF Porn: MILF Pussy

MILF Porn: MILF Pussy

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I had always been a flirt and it only increased as I entered the MILF sex stage of my life. What’s wrong with that? I really enjoy making guys hard and girls wet! Seriously, I don’t care if it’s male or female as long as they help me get off at the end of a night out. Usually, I like to go out partying or bar hopping looking for my next young sexual conquest. My first prerequisite is that they know how to lick my hot MILF pussy! You would be surprised how many guys who think they are “all that” that don’t know the first thing about how to please a MILF sex wise. I’m talking about a real women! That’s what led me to discover girl girl MILF sex. Yes, girl girl sex rules!

After my divorce, I took some of my money (thanks to an amazing lawyer) and bought a nice beachfront condo in an upcoming area for investment purposes. Investing in my new-found sex life that is! I was so fucking tired of just spreading my legs while my ex gave it his best 60 seconds or so. Seriously I can’t make this shit up! Ladies, don’t always go after the hot guys, give the average looking guys a chance. Believe me, I wish I had done this sooner and probably should apologize to some of my non-football playing high school classmates for not giving them the opportunity to fuck me properly. I learned after the fact, there was this cool guy in orchestra that really knew how to fuck but, I didn’t give him a second thought as I was only interested in banging the quarterback. This dude is probably now bald overweight and on his third marriage. Stupid me!

I bought my condo via short sell and had some work to do before moving in. The area got hit pretty hard with a hurricane a few years ago but, the area had rebounded nicely since then. My condo was across the street from a convenience store that has pretty much everything you would need for a beach visit. Usually convenience stores are known for less than attractive workers but, this chain only hired professional well-groomed staff. I usually went across for a cup of coffee in the morning and always noticed this very petite yet ample bosom clerk. Her name tag read Tawny and I could only think about that Whitesnake video featuring hot babe Tawny Kitaen frolicking on a Jaguar, I believe.

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Tawny mentioned I must be new to the area and offered to help me with “local knowledge,” if I needed any advice. Her kindness was welcomed and I told her I wanted to find a local bar to call home after a long day remodeling my condo. Tawny beamed and proudly stated she was going to design school and only working at the convenience store until she graduated. I took this opportunity to offer her the “opportunity” to use my condo as practice if she needed to build her portfolio. “Seriously?” she exclaimed! My devious plan for getting my pussy licked, I mean getting my condo decorated, couldn’t have gone any better!

I told Tawny to come and check out my condo after she got off work at 3pm. I took my coffee and headed back to the condo with my head spinning. Tawny is one hot babe! I had a few hours to spare but, wanted to be sure and shave my pussy before 3pm for sure. I ate a small lunch and usually have a couple of glasses of wine but, for some reason beer sounded better today. Perhaps, it was my youthful college spirit taking over again. I downed a couple of cold ones, then headed to the shower to shave my legs and pussy “clean as a whistle.” I always wondered what the fuck is actually clean about a whistle?

I toweled off and put on a pair of form fitting shorts and a very tight top that showcased my “store bought tits.” Yes, you can thank my lawyer for that too! I put on my favorite wedges that hike my ass up just right and eagerly awaited the clock to strike 3pm. I sat and waited until 3:30 and figured Tawny got a better offer or was just blowing me off. While I was a little upset, I thought I might as well masturbate myself back into a good mood. I slowly unbuttoned my shorts and slid my hand over my freshly shave pussy. I just love the smooth feeling of a bare pussy. I already knew I was wet just from thinking about Tawny and my fingertips confirmed that fact as two of them quickly disappeared inside my pussy. I started to pump them in and out slowly when the door rang. I jumped up and ran to the door to see if it was Tawny.

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I looked out through the peephole and it was Tawny in a club ready beach outfit to die for! Her (natural) tits were centerfold worth for sure. I opened the door and hugged her hello. In my rush to answer the door, I forgot to button up my shorts, something Tawny caught immediately after our first hug. I felt like a dumbass but, Tawny playfully offered to help me button them. I thought she was joking but, she acted like she was going to really help when instead she slid her hand underneath to discover my already wet pussy. “Is that because of me?” she asked. I couldn’t say a word as I was taken aback. I’m usually the one in total control and now I had this hot babe half my age with her hand on my pussy. “I wondered how long this would take she asked? I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

Next thing I know, Tawny has my shorts pulled down and has two fingers inside my dripping pussy. She wasted little time in getting on her knees and licking my clit better than anyone could ever dream of. She knew exactly what turned me on and I didn’t have to say a word. I just stood there, knees trembling while this youngster worked my hot MILF pussy for all it was worth. Tawny removed her mouth from my clit just long enough to lick two fingers on her other hand. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was happening next. Tawny then wrapped her arm around my waist and expertly inserted a finger inside my ass. The sensation was absolutely incredible and I was in awe of this college aged chick that had me on the verge of orgasm. Tawny then slid her second finger in my ass and I rewarded her by flooding her mouth with the strongest cum of my life. My pussy and ass alternated orgasmic contractions and it was all I could do to remain upright.

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Wow, was all I could say as Tawny looked up with an ear to ear smile. That was fucking fantastic, was added quickly thereafter. Tawny then hopped up with my pussy juice still glistening on her face. While we quickly hugged at the door, I scolded her for not properly kissing me yet. My playful chiding was then met with her tongue meeting mine through parted lips. Her tongue encircled mine in perfect rhythm and we kissed until we both ran out of breath. Tawny then pulled away and asked if I was ready to go get a drink or three. Honestly, I would have loved to reciprocate her sexual advance but, my whole body was still throbbing. I had never cum that hard in my life. Her insistence to grab a drink was a welcome relief. I pulled up my shorts and Tawny teased me by sucking two of her fingers. I asked here which fingers she was sucking my pussy or ass and she said, “Wouldn’t You Like to Know?!” What a beautiful and sexy vixen!

We then closed the door behind us and headed for the bar. Tawny then informed me that she worked there part time and that her boyfriend was working now. Boyfriend? I had never met anyone like Tawny. It was almost like she was channeling the “inner me” that I could not release when I was her age. It was a short walk to the bar and Tawny and I were met by her boyfriend behind the bar. Brian introduced himself in a professional manner and gave Tawny a quick kiss on the lips, the same ones that had just been on my MILF Pussy. Brian held back a smirk and offered to help with anything needed at my condo. He told me he had plenty of muscular friends and knew a great upcoming naughty interior designer as well!

Shaved Pussy: College Lesbians!

Shaved Pussy: College Lesbians!

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I just knew that deep down, Dana was really bi-curious.  Call it female intuition but, I was going to find out for myself and devise a masterful plan to get into her pants once and for all!  Dana’s younger sister Dawn was coming to stay for homecoming weekend and my “wheels started turning.” Somehow I was going to manage to turn the weekend into a sex-filled lesbian romp.

I had never met Dawn previously but, it didn’t take me long to figure out she was a wild child. We were going out clubbing that night and she wanted to freshen up after her two-hour drive to our campus.  I figured that I might as well join her as Dana still hadn’t made it back from her final class of the week.  I was very impressed how Dawn carried herself for only being a senior in high school. . .  oh, and I can’t forget how impressive her hot ass body was as well!

Dawn entered the shower area first turning the water on and immediately screamed, “Fuck that’s Cold!”  I told her that it’s not like home and that we are used to having to let the water run for awhile in order to heat up. “Here, let me warm you up,” I said giving her an “innocent” hug. “Well, I guess many things are indeed different once you get to college.” I agreed and proceeded to start washing my hair with the community bottle of shampoo that always seemed to be in the shower. Dawn had reached into her toiletry case and retrieved one of those new vibrating triple blade razors that you see nearly everyday on TV commercials.

“Does that thing really work like on TV,” I asked.  I hate shaving my pussy but, “a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do,” I said! “It sure does but, why don’t you see for yourself,” Dawn offered.  “Here, why don’t you try it out and help me shave at the same time.” My head was spinning by her total innocence and willing to assist my curiosity. “Are you sure, I don’t wan to hurt you.”  Go on, try it silly as she lifted a leg so I could get a better angle. . .  and view of that gorgeous high school senior pussy!

I didn’t require additional encouragement and began shaving Dawn’s pussy with surgical like precision. I took the opportunity to pull her now protruding lips to the side so that I didn’t cut her while performing my duties. I reached up and placed my thumb on her clit to guard it from any harm and could tell Dawn enjoyed the sensation. “If I didn’t know better, I think you liked that I joked.” “Yes, that felt much different than when I do it,” Dawn confessed.  “So, you play with yourself in the shower, I quizzed?”  “Well, duh, doesn’t everybody?” With that”approval,” I slid one finger into her Dawns tight pussy as I finished the final razor strokes on her now completely bald pussy.

Dawn’s non-objection to this move gave me more confidence to proceed. I started to push and pull out of her moistness and couldn’t help sliding a second finger inside her now dripping pussy.  “Like that now, do we?” I playfully asked. “Wow, what a start to the weekend,” Dawn managed to reply. “I planned on getting laid this weekend by some college dick but, never expected this to happen!”

Not wanting to get caught in the shower by the RA, I removed my fingers from Dawn’s pussy and led her back to our dorm room without even drying off.  Once inside the door, I gave Dawn the best kiss I have ever laid on anyone. I was saving this one for her sister but, so much for that! Our tongues met as one and our embrace was very passionate and sincere. “Now, lay down beautiful,” as I encouraged my new high school lover to get comfortable so we could resume our “lesbian experiment.”

“Fuck that feels so good,” was all Dawn could keep saying. I kissed her from her forehead all the way down to her toes, sucking them for a brief, teasing moment. “Please finger fuck me again,” Dawn begged. I kissed back up her leg and then resumed cunnilingus to perfection and her appreciation. I gently reinserted my fingers inside of her and sucked her clit into my mouth. Dawns pussy was so small and tight, much tighter than I ever remember mine being.

I knew this was a special moment for us both and I didn’t want to waste one second of pleasure. I began to feverishly tongue her clit while pressing my fingers deep inside of my roommates sister. Cum for me baby, I coached! It didn’t take long for Dawn to start bucking her hips in agreement and then with one final surge, she came all over my face and fingers. Honestly, I have never felt anything as tight as Dawns pussy.  “Damn girl, that is one tight pussy,” I now could say first hand. . . or fingers, that is!

“How about we try something really special now, Dawn?” Her puzzled look of “I’m ready for anything” allowed me a brief moment to head over to my secret hiding place and go through my treasure trove of dildo’s. “This one’s perfect,” I said! I quickly returned to our “first time lesbian love nest” and had just started to shove the dildo into Dawn’s shaved pussy when Katie opened the dorm door and walked into the room. . .  that’s when the College Lesbians weekend really got interesting!

Teen Pussy: Like What You See?

Teen Pussy: Like What You See?

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She wore a cotton white top white top that pulled open just enough to offer a glimpse of her bare nipples. Honestly, I tried my best not to stare but, I could not help myself from glancing at every possible opportunity. The fullness of her tits mesmerized me as she took each step which only added to the decadent allure. “Like what you see,” she asked in rhetoric fashion. I simply replied “Yes, and I can’t wait to see how wet that teen pussy is either!”

I grinned embarrassed at my lack of discretion but, she managed a soft “Yes and you will soon enjoy a much better view!” Slowly, she turned away and walked off towards the bedroom, her hips rocking and hiding those luscious tits from me. I followed a few steps behind hoping this was an invitation to a front row seat. She turned as I shut the doorway to the bedroom door and said “Undress Me.”

No verbal answer was needed as I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned her top one by one revealing those incredibility breasts. This subtle move exposed her flesh as my mouth watered. Her cleavage heaved as I leaned in to give each ample breast small butterfly kisses. I was turned on by both her body and reaction to my touch. I carefully kissed, licked and sucked her magnificent tits not worrying about any wetness dripping down her belly. Her nipples were even tastier than my imagination could muster.

Everything about her body oozed sexiness. I nibbled softly back between tits and then she gently pushed my head downward. I didn’t need a second invitation and headed south for what I knew was going to be a “smorgasbord of the female body” and I was here at the entrance of sex heaven. . .  her now soaked pussy. Teasing her I licked my way down to the swollen flesh between her shapely legs. Eventually she manage a “please lick my pussy” and I eagerly complied with her request.

Her hands gently, grabbed the back of my head and ensured contact with her pussy. Her taste was even better than expected and the flow that oozed from her female opening seemed to increase by the second. I pulled back to removed my top as I wanted to rub my own tits on her pussy. My nipples were beyond erect and almost hurt from anticipation. I rubbed my left breast around her wetness and then showed her how I could lick my own nipples while still enjoying her taste.

I returned to licking her sticking my tongue as far as as I could inside her honey hole. Her hips were bucking and gyrating to the point it was making it hard to stroke my own pussy from beneath. I knew she was close to orgasm and took my own wet fingers and inserted one, then two fingers deeper than my tongue could ever reach. Her body reacted in orgasmic fashion by arching and shivering at the moment of climax. I slowed my touch and allowed her to enjoy the cum to release on her terms. I took the opportunity to rub my horny pussy from underneath before rolling over to finger myself to an amazing self induced climax.

Thank you so much for such a powerful teen pussy orgasm. I’m so sorry but, after I cum, I’m not good for anything until my body recovers. Rest assured, I will pay you back several times over. Your teen pussy hasn’t even seen what I have in my dresser drawer yet. . .